1mekdes installetion at kh 2016

Mekdes W Shebeta

(b.1967, Ethiopia)

I have a Cow on the Sky that I don’t see the Milk, Installation, video, performance

Hey!  I am here.  I was just looking for the way out. I wondered why I ended up here all alone. There is a saying: “If there is a way in, there is always a way out, too.”

But not from here, not now. No, I can not find the way out… haven’t I tried enough?

There was a time I thought I saw a crack in the corner of the wall, I tried to break it open. It would not open.

I also saw a ladder in the room. I tried to climb it, but, looking back down, I saw I was still stepping where I had started from.

I saw a rope. I tried to climb it, but that did not work either. I was not thinking of killing myself, I was thinking about finding a way out.

Then I saw the wall begin moving at the corner.
I got closer and pushed it. It moved. I pushed again,
it moved and I fell into a white space. Completely white!

When I looked back, the black room I had been in disappeared behind me and I could no longer see it. I thought it was a white room but, no, it was just a white infinity with no end with no beginning. No shadow. Not a spot of color. Just brilliant bright white. I ran all around looking for any dimension to the room or an object to lean on or to touch. So I could be sure that I was existing or that I was there, present. It was difficult to tell.

I wanted to go back to my black room where I could lean on something, but my black room was now lost.

I was in timeless, infinite space!

Looking very deeply I began to see the outline of a door. I passed through it and I found myself turned upside down. Is it me or has the room turned upside down?

I was in another dark room, only this time, the white circle of bright light is on the floor.

I lay down close to the round light.
That is when I came into contact with you. Can this be my way out?

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